The new generation flooring – it is the vinyl floor FatraClick. The unique structure of this flooring combines pros of conventional and vinyl floors. It comprises of several layers and its installation is easy and absolutely without gluing, using interlocking joints only (patented system “Uniclic”)
Select from many decorations simulating several types of wood and stone from the wide range of floor colour shades. Exceptionality of these floors is provided by authentic texture of the natural wood not only at sight, but thanks to its surface structure also to the touch.
Another benefit of this flooring is in particular its fast and easy installation, after which the floor is ready for use immediately.


Plank size –        1235 x 230мм. – wood
                                                  915 x 350мм. – stone

Total thickness –                            9.5мм. – wood                                                                                                           9.5 mm – stone

Wear layer thickness –      0.40мм. – wood                                                                                                         0.40мм.- stone

FatraClick, Bleached Chestnut, 6398

FatraClick, Bohemia Oak, 7301-2

FatraClick, Bush Oak, 13951-02

FatraClick, Cappuccino Oak, 7311-2

FatraClick, Cerris Brown Oak, 7301-5

FatraClick, Classic Oak, 686-03

FatraClick, Country Oak, 13951-05

FatraClick, Dark Silica, 7231-6

FatraClick, Decent Oak, 5441-09

FatraClick, Hard Oak, 2032-01

FatraClick, King Oak, 2032-06

FatraClick, Latte Oak, 5010-5

FatraClick, Lava Oak, 5010-9

FatraClick, Light Silica, 7231-3

FatraClick, Middle Silica, 7231-7, stone

FatraClick, Snow Oak, 15661-3

FatraClick, Summer Oak, 5451-3

FatraClick, Trend Oak, 802-02

FatraClick, Tuscan Oak, 6328

FatraClick, Tuscan Oak, 6328-E

FatraClick, Wolf Oak, 2032-11

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