Pleasing pastel shades, durability and easy to maintain Using vinyl materials on walls is a quite practical and original solution. In our product line, you can find the wall covering MODUL, which is a plastic heterogeneous covering manufactured in strips. Its cleaning is easy, it excels by its resistance and reduces the maintenance cost. You can use it mainly in hospitals or laboratories where high demands are laid on hygiene. In case of gluing, we suggest gluing to a plaster mortar or drywall boards using a spray neoprene contact adhesive.

Fatra LINO, Modul, 929

Fatra LINO, Modul, 106

Fatra LINO, Modul, 201

Fatra LINO, Modul, 764

Fatra LINO, Modul, 830

Fatra LINO, Modul, 854

Fatra LINO, Modul, 863

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