Thermofix Art collection

The new Thermofix Art collection contains tiles with bevelled edges, enlarged to 1829 x 180mm to better emulate the appearance of long wooden planks.

Due to its structure, Thermofix ranks amongst the best quality heterogeneous vinyl flooring available anywhere today. The wear layer is provided with a mechanical pattern and polyurethane layer, which facilitates maintenance, increases durability and extends service life. Moreover, the flooring is reinforced with glass matting to ensure maximum dimensional stability.

  1. PUR surface treatment
  2. Wear layer
  3. Decoration layer
  4. Glass fibre
  5. Bottom layer

Thermofix, Beech Mist, 18006

Thermofix, Coral Walnut, 18005

Thermofix, Honey Chestnut, 18008

Thermofix, Lava Walnut, 18003

Thermofix, Mocca Oak, 18007

Thermofix, Paleo Oak, 18004

Thermofix, Polar Spruce, 18001

Thermofix, Silver Spruce, 18002

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