About us

Gertech Engineering Ltd. is an official distributor of Fatra Vinyl (PVC) floor coverings for Bulgaria.
Our team has many years of experience in the supply and installation of vinyl (PVC) floorings, and our work with Fatra products dates back more than 20 years on the Bulgarian market. From the standpoint of our many years of experience, we can guarantee their quality, comfort, luxury, variety and competitive prices. The company has successfully executed projects in various sites throughout Bulgaria and abroad. The employees are distinguished by good professional training, as well as many years of experience in completing large projects while meeting high quality criteria.
Fatra, a.s. is a foremost European manufacturer of vinyl floor coverings.
Our products reflect modern lifestyles, improve living conditions and contribute to a healthy and clean environments.
The special floor covering also comply with requirements for the elimination of electrostatic charge. The wide range of vinyl floor covering types is complemented by welding cords, floor strips and staircase edges in the same colours.
Vinyl floors by Fatra comply with the ISO 9001 European standard.
Luxury and designer flooring (LVT)
Commercial and office flooring
Roll flooring
Flooring for schools and kindergartens
Household flooring
Flooring for hospitals and laboratories
Flooring for hotels and restaurants
Industrial flooring
Conductive and antistatic flooring

Gertech Engineering Ltd. is the first representative of Schonox adhesives for Bulgaria.
Schonox adhesives are distinguished by both unsurpassed quality and innovation. Schönox are German adhesives, under the Sika brand, which are known for their high quality and are applicable in all activities for gluing PVC (vinyl) flooring and wall coverings, linoleum, rubber, as well as for electrically conductive and antistatic floor coverings.