Imperio Luxury vinyl tiles

Imperio is a special heterogeneous flooring. This type of flooring is greatly suitable for wet environment, is resistant against abrasions and scratches, has good dimensional stability and thermal expandability, is healthy and does not collect dust, therefore it suits mainly households of allergic people. You can select from many patterns simulating wood species.
If you seek for an original flooring, which differs not only by its properties but also appearance, then Imperio is just the right choice for you.

Imperio, Alaskan Pine, 29509-1

Imperio, Algerian Oak, 29501-1

Imperio, Austrian Oak, 29507-1

Imperio, Baikal Spruce, 29509-2

Imperio, Californian Oak, 29503-1

Imperio, Cappuccino Beech, 29506-2

Imperio, Corsican Chestnut, 29505-1

Imperio, Golden Oak, 29513-2

Imperio, Light Ash, 29514-1

Imperio, Norwegian Oak, 29510-1

Imperio, Rhine Oak, 29505-2

Imperio, Silver Oak, 29513-1

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